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Parsian High Voltage Substations Development Company

Parsian High Voltage Substations Development Company was established in February 1993 as an ISO certified general contractor for implementation of distribution and transmission projects, BOT and BOP either electrical or mechanical of power plants, engineering services for DCS, SCADA, PLC and HMI design, Railway and urban electrification and large electrical installations to the utilities and industrial complex in Iran and abroad.

Using the most modern and developed methods, materials and knowledge is always considered as an efficient instrument of our policy to securing Parsian long-term future as a liable partner for expansion of power network in domestic and international market.

Parsian is today renowned for having an outstanding record of execution of AIS / GIS high voltage substations ranging from 63 to 400kV, DCS and BOP of power plants and a lot of other electrical projects in local and foreign states, which has had a great impact on our policy to move to other regions to develop required engineering services.

We are technically advanced to take advantage of every opportunity to offer specific expertise services and products, which for sure will meet the regional and extra – regional electrical projects requirements.

It’s worthwhile to be expressed that for the past decade, due to the highly qualified personnel, the realms of the company’s activities could be expanded in technical, tendering, financial, administrative, commercial and international departments, rigorously in compliance with scientific management and world technical experience achievement.

The performance results spelled the prominent expansion of the company, not only in Iran, but also in other countries so that we could establish several branches in different locations.

Our staff totals 320, of which nearly 70 percent are engineers and technicians working in the related departments, the rest of the personnel of various disciplines are trying to do their utmost in other divisions such as commercial, financial … to promote the area of the company’s policies goals.

It should be also indicated that in addition to design, engineering procurement, construction and world class projects management, a group of well organized subcontractors is cooperating with us so as to be perfectly implemented the executive works of the company’s target.

Table of contents:
  • Technical and Executive Department
  • Tendering Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Financial Department
  • Administration Department
  • International Department
Technical and Executive Department
The technical and executive department is the dynamic core and the largest department of the company alongside the commercial department is in charge of all projects’ activities that are focused on an EPC basis. It has been structured with four main sub departments consisting of technical, executive, projects management, project planning and control, to meet the domestic and international demand, related to high voltage substations, transmission lines, industrial electrical utility systems, instrumentation and automation of power plants and industries.
It should be emphasized that the engineering sections pertaining to software, hardware, communication, dispatching, automation and transmission lines of projects are implemented in Peimann Khotoot Gostar Company as one of the Parsian subsidiaries.
At the moment the technical and executive department has the responsibility of more than one hundred projects, which should be carried out on the basis of local, national, regional and international.
Tendering Department
Using the state-of-the-art methods, material and knowledge is the policy of this department that will be related to all financial and technical proposals prepared and submitted by this entity for local tender processing.
Commercial Department
The commercial department of Parsian with a rich and up-to-date database on manufacturers of electrical equipment all around the world along with competent specialists and reliable covering system has created an efficient network to keep the company’s projects supplied with required demand.
Financial Department

The Financial department as a dynamic part of the company provides other departments of the company with necessary funds, financial and banking support within the approved budget to continuously function better, this department is comprised of the following sections:

- Foreign accounting section, which is in charge of all financial affairs and their reports on exporting projects in other countries.
- Local accounting section, which is covering all financial activities and related reports and statements over local projects.
- Cost accounting section is responsible for integrated financial calculation, pertaining to cost accountancy and reports on all projects statements.

Administration Department
Over the past fifteen years, the administration department of Parsian has played an important role in order to be in harmony with the aims of the company’s expansion.
Employment facilities for other departments and furnishing them with modern accessories, providing with the necessary hardware and software in perfect compliance with the general policy of the company and managers’ viewpoints could be attainable only by an all-out efforts of this department. Ceremonies, training courses, personnel transportation and mechanization are all gathered in the administration department.
International Department
By increasing in the amount of foreign projects and expansion of Parsian's international markets, it was decided to expand the International Committee of Export. Short while after such an expansion, International Department started performing along with all other Parsian's Department. The tight time schedule and the complicity of execution of international projects were also some of the other reasons which formed the necessity of existence of such a department; consequently the concerned people in this department must be more focused and precise in order to deliver the foreign client's requirements.
International Department which started its activities in March 2007 consists of Marketing and Tendering groups and the representatives of Technical-Execution, Commercial, and Financial Departments handle different aspects of the project execution.
Parsian has 320 personnel and they are working in different departments as below, among them 70% are graduates.

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