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Parsian's Plan For Extension


Middle East, Asia and Africa



Parsian founded in 1993 as a large scale ISO certified EPC General Contractor for high voltage substations, transmission lines, BOP, BOT and DCS of power plants to respond urgently to the huge requirements of power development in Iran.



Due to the technical experience and scientific background of Parsian staff, one of the biggest projects of (the Iran Power Development Company) comprising twenty five 400kV substations on a turnkey basis could be awarded to Parsian that was later completed in due time, meeting all requested and highly recommended technical standards of the Iranian Ministry of Energy, subsequently in a short time period of ten years, we executed more than two hundred substations ranging from 63 to 400kV for state and private bodies in Iran and abroad, among them the biggest and most modern 400kV Substation in the Middle East, located in Tehran with 27 CB that was completed in 10.5 months, largest GIS 132kV Mobin substation of our region with 66 CB and the construction of the huge Abadan 230kV power plant substation within 5.5 months which was considered as one of the state-of-the-art technical design and the lowest possible completion time in its kind as our best record, ever executed, even compared to other world class general contractors for this kind of project.



After local successful implementation of more than two hundred GIS/AIS substations, DCS, and BOP of power plants and a lot of other sophisticated electrical projects, we decided to export our technical and engineering services to the countries of our region, to fulfill an efficient role for expansion of power network in the neighboring states.


Therefore within the specified scope of work we actively took part in the regional tender processing, introducing ourselves as a reliable partner for expansion of power net work in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, succeeded to perform a lot of electrical projects.



Itís worthwhile to mention that after a decade of comprehensive EPC coverage of electrical projects in domestic and foreign markets, we have been awarded in October 2004, 2006 and 2007 the prize of exporting technical and engineering services of the Iranian Exemplary General Contractor by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.






You will be seeing below a few of selected projects related to this subject executed in these regions. 



-      Mushrif II 132/11 kV GIS substation in Dubai

-         Moradpour 33/11 kV GIS substation in Bangladesh

-         Rampour 33/11 kV GIS substation in Bangladesh

-         10 Nos. of 66/20 kV substations in Damascus, Syria

-         4 Nos. of 132/20 kV substations in Niger, Africa

-         One 132/20 kV substations in Afghanistan

-         Lighting system and associated works of Cotonou and Porto-Novo in Benin Republic in Africa

-         Extension of 10 Nos. of 230 kV line feeders in Syria

-         3 Nos. of 66/20 kV substations in Syria

-         30 Nos. of 66/20 kV substations in Syria

-         4 Nos. of 400/132/20 kV substations in Yemen

-   10 Nos. of 66/20 kV substations in Syria


In addition to Parsian's head office in Tehran and in order to attain fluent activity and communication, Parsian arranges area offices headed by his senior managers.

Presently two active offices are available: 

1.  Dubai (Mr. Alireza Lajevardi)

2.      Syria (Mr. Hamid Rezaei) 

And with regard to comprehensive work in Yemen, Parsian's 3rd office will be established and put into activity in Sana soon. Having had satisfactory and favorable accomplishments abroad, now the company searches for new projects in order to even more expanding the domain of its activities rather than in Syria, Yemen, Benin and Niger.

Markets of Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya are Parsian's further programs for extension.

CAP Energy Co. is our exclusive agent in Africa and our representative is Mr. Sami Ounais.

CAP Energy, 12 Boulevard Du Roi, 78000 Versailles France

Tel: 0033 139539828

Fax: 0033 139495356



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