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Year 2007 was the year of great challenges for survival and saving the integrity and leadership of PARSIAN in the instable local and international market. Due to some issues regarding privatization policies of Iranian government that had a great impression on PARSIAN, we were not allowed to gain some of the targeted goals. Moreover, banking problems facing Iranian companies hit PARSIAN either. Fortunately, we have taken the situation under control following our policies and using our methods. For instance, we succeeded in resolving the major banking problem arouse in our substations in Yemen and we hope to accomplish the projects in time.


Moreover, due to an increasing demand for electrical projects throughout the world, the manufacturing and delivery times have been increased resulting in a dramatic increase of finished prices. Financial crisis in our clients' organizations and corresponding delay in receipt of due funds from them was also an important factor, worsening the situation.


Ministry of Energy, as our major client, is developing instructions so as to fix electricity price for consumers and eliminating all corresponding subsidies. The most important outcome of such policy was a long delay in fulfilling all commitments of our major client.


Rise and development of political crisis in Middle East including Syria and Iran-being our major markets- increased the risk of investment and other related risks that eventually caused very severe banking problems. Banking chaos was the most important issue facing PARSIAN and all Iranian companies that are dealing with international commercial deals.


All above-mentioned facts led PARSIAN to consider every probable risk so as to minimize the total risk in signing all new contracts. It resulted in 15% depression from the expected and planned sum of signed contracts from statistically points of view using regression analyses.

PARSIAN adopted policies in order to resolve the afore-mentioned problems which are as following:



  1. Minimizing realization period of the projects to achieve maximum satisfaction of the clients and to compensate the delay caused by the cited factors.  


  1. Finalizing the Establishment of the GIS manufacturing plant through signing new contracts for GIS substations. PARSIAN, being the first company in building the GIS factory, is finalizing the corresponding contracts and we hope that no alternative factory will be built in Iran; so, we will be the monopolist in GIS manufacturing in Iran.


  1. Following our policy in year 2006, the project management and project control systems have been improved and upgraded systematically in order to guarantee optimum control on Cost, Time and Performance of the projects throughout the year 2007. Preparing detailed weekly reports, establishing risk management team and regular meetings with project managers were among the solutions that PARSIAN adopted to override the challenging crisis. PARSIAN, being a dynamic and self-adjusting organization, continued upgrading all existing systems as well as creating new ones as follows: 

3.1. Cash Flow Diagrams and Budget Planning System

3.2. Automated Procurement System

3.3. Automated Warehousing System

3.4. Automation of Internal Correspondences 

  1. Assigning a very high priority to resolving the banking crisis imposed to the Iranian companies. We are trying to negotiate with existing and new banks and financial institutes and remove the financial issues and expanding our relation with them based on our good reference, high credit and governmental backup. We hope that banking problems would be resolved with aid of Iranian government policies in the near future.


Thanks to all my colleagues, in all divisions of PARSIAN, we passed through the crisis and are following the route ensuring implementation of all our plans and scheduled goals confidently.

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